Information Marketing... Simplified.

The ultimate "hands on" training course that shows you how to start making real money selling what you know (without a degree in Techno-Geek).

"Selling what you know is an incredible way to earn money online- if you can overcome the technology obstacles...  Info Marketing 101 is the fastest way to achieve this!"

  • InfoMarketing 101: Launching Your New Business

    Our flagship training course, InfoMarketing 101, walks you through what a successful online business looks like, what tools and systems you’ll need, and how to launch your business right- the first time!

  • WordPress 101: Getting Started with WordPress

    You’ve probably heard of WordPress- it’s what most information marketers use to put up their websites and blogs.  We’ll show you how to build and manage your sites without becoming a techno-geek!

  • Video Products 101: Using Video in Your Business

    There’s no question video is HOT these days- whether adding video blogs to Youtube, creating screen capture tutorials, or developing video products.  This guide shows you the basics of getting started now!

  • Membership Sites 101: Sell Access, not Downloads

    Password protecting your website content can revolutionize how you sell products- whether one time product access, or creating recurring members.  We’ll show you the tools and strategies to make it happen.

  • Shopping Cart 101: Show Me the Money!

    The real fun in your online business is the transaction- a customer gives you payment details, you deliver the product, and the money lands in your bank.  Here’s how to set it up to run on auto-pilot!

  • Lead Pages 101: Quickly Create Stunning Sales & Opt-In Pages

    Big time online marketers don’t have ONE site, they have a FLEET of sites.  The faster you create them, the faster your business grows.  Lead Pages is the cutting edge software to build these fast!

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