Information Marketing... Simplified.

The ultimate "hands on" training course that shows you how to start making real money selling what you know (without a degree in Techno-Geek).

"Selling what you know is an incredible way to earn money online- Info Marketing 101 is your step-by-step guide to get started!"

If you're a rookie online marketer, you're looking for straight answers to these questions:

  • Here's a bullet point, with some awesome text.
  • Here's a bullet point, with some awesome text.
  • Here's a bullet point, with some awesome text.
  • Here's a bullet point, with some awesome text.

What will you learn with InfoMarketing 101?

Now you can create almost any kind of pages for your business inside WordPress

  • The SMART way to set up a successful info marketing business- the first time.

    Our flagship training course, InfoMarketing 101, walks you through what a successful online business looks like, what tools and systems you’ll need, and how to launch your business right- the first time!

  • Basic WordPress skills you'll need to build all your killer websites.

    You’ve probably heard of WordPress- it’s what most information marketers use to put up their websites and blogs.  We’ll show you how to build and manage your sites without becoming a techno-geek!

  • Tools to easily create video training and products right from your laptop.

    There’s no question video is HOT these days- whether adding video blogs to Youtube, creating screen capture tutorials, or developing video products.  This guide shows you the basics of getting started now!

  • Using LeadPages to quickly create stunning sales & opt-In pages

    Big time online marketers don’t have ONE site, they have a FLEET of sites.  The faster you create them, the faster your business grows.  Lead Pages is the cutting edge software to build these fast!

  • Show Me the Money! Learn your options to take payments from your customers.

    The real fun in your online business is the transaction- a customer gives you payment details, you deliver the product, and the money lands in your bank.  Here’s how to set it up to run on auto-pilot!

  • Using Facebook to drive traffic and build community around your product

    Millions of people visit Facebook every single day.  Learn from the experts how to take advantage of this traffic to promote your products, build your brand, and create a thriving community!

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Jason Brubaker,

Your Info Marketing Empire Awaits!

Look, you could try to go it alone, or do like we did with our first product,  and outsource to someone to build a sales page for you.  It cost us close to $500, and it took weeks to coordinate back and forth on the images, sales copy, sales page layout, etc…

With Info Marketing 101, you are in total control.  You can get your product finished and on the market fast – on your terms.  Your costs are finite – you can’t be nickled and dimed by some ‘web guy’.

And how about if you want to put multiple products on the market (an excellent idea, by the way)? You’ll have all the knowledge and tools you need to launch with ridiculously little time and cost involved.

If you are serious about selling your product online, then you need to click on the Add To Cart Button now.  You will be thrilled that you did.  We guarantee it.

Your purchase is 100% Risk Free.  If you're not happy with Info Marketing 101 for any reason, simply let our friendly support team know (via email) and we'll happily refund your money.

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